Founded in the early 90s, Sesiwn Fawr Dolgellau is one of the most well-known folk festivals in Wales. It is a festival that has conquered several challenges over the years from its days attracting thousands of music-lovers to see performances by international artists to its recent years situated in and around Dolgellau’s many taverns.

Sesiwn Fawr Dolgellau approached DoCo on its 25th birthday to give the festival a new visual lease of life.

DoCo concentrated on creating a brand that had a crafty and handmade look and feel. Collaborating with local watercolor artist, Teresa Jenellen, to create the yearly assets for the festival, giving an authentic and organic focus to all the work.

Activity period: 2017–2019
Location: Dolgellau
Watercolor: Teresa Jenellen
Services: Branding, Design, Print, Social Media, Merchandise