Awst & Walther is a comprehensive monograph of the work of the artistic duo, Manon Awst and Benjamin Walther. The book introduces their experimental and research-orientated approach within the disciplines of sculpture, installation, and performance—examining the socio-political context of the work they produced during their ten-year collaboration.

Manon and Benjamin first approached DoCo to develop initial concepts for the book, later assigning the design and layout work to the studio.

Awst & Walther’s brief was to produce a book that gave an authentic insight into their artistic practice. They showed a keenness to depict the duality between the sterility and purity of their finished artworks and the often chaotic, unordered and non-linear reality of its creation.

Personal photographs of family life, studio views and research sessions serve as juxtaposed mementoes throughout the book. Printed on thin, coloured stock, the dualities of fragility and strength, association and disassociation and public and private are heightened. All of which are themes investigated by the duo.

Publisher: DISTANZ, Berlin
Format: 170mm x 220mm, 336pp
Client: Awst & Walther
Services: Concept, Design